Dr. Fadi Mourad

Dr. Fadi Mourad , MD

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    American University of Beirut Medical Center
  • البحوث الطبية
    1-absorption in rat jejunum: a role for the enteric nervous system, VIP And NO. Am J Physiol 2006;290:G262-8.
    2-Mourad FH, Barada KA, Abdel-Malak N, Bou Rached NA, Khoury CI, Saade NE, Nassar CF. Interplay between nitric oxide and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in inducing fluid secretion in rat jejunum. J Physiol-London 2003;550.3:863-71.
    3-Mourad FH, Nassar CF. Effect of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) antagonism on rat jejunal fluid and electrolyte secretion induced by cholera and Escherichia coli enterotoxins. Gut 2000;47:382-6. Mourad FH, Turvill JL, Farthing MJG. Role of nitric oxide in intestinal water and electrolyte transport. Gut 1999;44:143-7. (Leading article).
    4-Mourad FH, O'Donnell LJD, Andre EA, Bearcroft CP, Owen RA, Clark ML, Farthing MJG. L-arginine, nitric oxide, and intestinal secretion: studies in an animal model in vivo. Gut 1996;39:539-44.
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