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  • التعليم
    - Lebanese University: Faculty of Literature – BEIRUT [English Literature].
    - Professional Center of Science: General Accountant
  • التخصص
    استشاري العائلة و التعلم, استشاري الأبوّة, استشاري العائلة و التعلم, مدرب الحياة
  • شهادة البورد
    - Accredited Certified Trainer of Trainer (TOT)
  • خدمات
    - Offers 1:1 coaching session.
    - Offers group coaching sessions for parents, teachers, teenagers to set their goals wisely and achieve them.
    - Offer training for parents who face struggles with their youth (everything due to parenting and dealing with children).
    - How to build a successful and happy relationship between you and your child.
  • الإنجاز والتقدير
    - Alison: Online Course [Advanced Parenting Skills]
    - New Skills Academy: Online Course [Child Psychology]
  • اللغات
    Arabic, English
  • معلومات إضافية
    - Life and Parent Coach
    - Neuro-linguistic Programming: Level (1,2,3) and Trainer
    - Educational and Family Counselor

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