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  • الممارسة الطبية بدأت
    - License to practice as a clinical psychologist in Lebanon.
  • التعليم
    - Master’s degree in clinical psychology, Lebanese University, Lebanon 2022
    - Biodecoding Counselor, Santé Libre – École Nomade De Biodécodage Pratique 2020 – 2021
    - Master’s degree in Psychosomatic Counseling, Lebanese University, Lebanon 2019 – 2020
    - Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Lebanese University, Lebanon 2013 – 2016
  • التخصص
    Clinical Psychologist, معالج نفسي, معالج نفسي
  • خدمات
    - Assessing and diagnosing psychological disorders, understanding psychological factors contributing to physical symptoms or conditions.
    - Providing individual, couple, family, and group therapy to address mental health issues and explore the emotional and psychological aspects related to physical health.
    - Developing treatment plans, goals, and coping strategies to support clients in overcoming challenges.
    - Conducting comprehensive evaluations and psychological assessments to inform diagnosis and treatment.
    - Using evidence-based techniques and interventions to promote mental well-being and alleviate physical symptoms.
    - Collaborating with medical professionals for comprehensive care and support during difficult life transitions.
    - Teaching stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, and problem-solving strategies.
    - Conducting research to contribute to the advancement of psychological knowledge and understanding.
  • البحوث الطبية
    - Depression
    - Anxiety
    - Trauma
    - Grief
    - Stress
    - Psychosomatic illnesses/symptoms
  • الإنجاز والتقدير
    - Personal Security Awareness Training | International Location Safety
    - Managing Learning and Development | Provided by Lebanese Red Cross Association
    - First aid and CPR course | Provided by Lebanese Red Cross Association
    - Zootherapy | Provided by the Belgium Institute of Zootherapy in Belgium
    - Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Provided by Nafsaniyoun Center
    - Annual congress of Psychotic Transitions at La Croix Psychiatric Hospital
    - Seminar on Aggressive Behaviors and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies at La Croix Psychiatric Hospital
  • اللغات
    Arabic, English, French
  • معلومات إضافية
    Your body talks, I help you listen to it

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