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  • فلسفة الرعاية
    Mariam Aziz, a celebrated Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist certified by COSRT UK, offers Quareb her global expertise in sexual wellness. With an MS in Sexual Health Education from Ludwigsburg University, Germany, and experience as a sexual health educator at the University of Michigan, her international perspective is invaluable. Mariam’s deep understanding of sexual health's diverse aspects makes her an essential resource for Quareb users seeking knowledgeable and confident guidance on their sexual journeys.
  • التعليم
    - MS in Sexual Health Education, Ludwigsburg University, Germany
  • التخصص
    معالج نفسي, Clinical Psychologist, معالج نفسي
  • خدمات
    - Erectile & Sexual Performance Issues
    - Premature Ejaculation,
    - Hyposexual Desire,
    - Intimacy
    - Menopause,
    - Pregnancy/Postpartum,
    - Sexual Health in Aging,
    - Chronic Illness,
    - Parenting and Sexual Dysfunction
  • العضوية المهنية
    - COSRT
    - FECSM
  • اللغات
    Arabic, English

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